Mentorship Program


Preparation for success in the real world can be an abstract and overwhelming goal. In the Mentorship program, the college preparation process is the framework we use to tackle that goal. We focus on personal development in communication, networking abilities, time management, and problem-solving skills. These are the tools one needs to attract and create the best opportunities for your future. Therefore, we believe that investing your time, energy and resources to the Mentorship program is a worthwhile investment. In 2013-2014, we had seven high school Seniors who collectively were offered Merit Scholarships totaling $1,081,000. This is due to the fact that they started in their early high school years; they consistently worked hard; they had strong portfolios; and they had a clear sense of who they were which allowed them to show the colleges their potential. In the application process, they stood out from other candidates because of their strong identity and purpose.  This is what colleges are looking for. The value of our Mentorship program is that we always keep this vision as the driving force behind all we do. Our Mentorship Alumni have gone on to earn prestigious opportunities and awards in their schools, been selected for competitive internships with Fortune 500 companies, and have graduated to have employers competing for their employment. Currently, many are working in their field of expertise, continuing to use the skills that we worked so hard to cultivate in the Mentorship program. One of the added bonuses and greatest aspects of our program is that it is a community that continues well beyond their time here. Alumni often return to the School of Art and Innovation to impart their knowledge and experiences which are current to today’s marketplace. Over the years, this has proven to be extremely beneficial to both the alumni and students. The community that is formed through the years of hard work together in the program have shown time and again to be of immeasurable value. Being in the Mentorship program is a Lifetime Membership with the benefits of lifelong support and ongoing connections with the real world which they once found so distant. We would love to have you join us in this venture.

2017-2018 Mentorship Info here – UPDATES/CHANGES COMING in 2018-2019

Benefits and Aspects of the Program

  • ‘Workshops’ – Group meetings (Sundays 5:00pm)
  • ‘Intensives’ – Private meetings (scheduled individually)
  • Speaker series and Alumni Forums
  • Ongoing access to Dianne via email/text
  • Tracking and accountability
  • Essay Review and Application assistance
  • Networking with professionals
  • Help setting up LinkedIn account
  • Development and implementation of Community Service or Special Projects
  • All Portfolio Development students will have unlimited access to the Studio and supplies
  • All Portfolio Development students will receive unparalleled assistance and guidance in preparation for and participation in National Portfolio Day. This includes help in getting set up on SlideRoom, a digital application used for uploading portfolio items which can then be submitted to schools online.
  • All Portfolio Seniors are offered a Senior Art Show venue where they can feature and sell their work. Dianne offers promotion & advertising for the event, along with supplies for and preparation of their artwork
  • Ongoing access to Dianne for consultation and advice while in college or in job pursuits
  • Permanent Alumni status and the ongoing support of the SAI community