Dianne encourages me to dream big and express my ideas.Mago H.


The core of SAI is about students learning to use their talents to connect with and encourage people. Our work seeks first to evaluate communities and their needs, then to affect peoples lives by offering them opportunities through the expression of art. These projects presented below are a window into the many lives we have touched.

9/11 Bridges Project

Soon after September 11, 2001 our school responded to the tragedy of 9/11 with the creation of our book: Messages of Hope, Peace and Love A gift for the Children affected by September 11th. Our efforts to help were met with deep appreciation from the families, New York firefighters and the advocacy group, Voices of September 11th. This slide show shares moments from our nine years of support, as we bring art gifts every year to the anniversary honoring those who perished and supporting their loved ones. We will always remember.

Taylor Park Project

Many volunteers coming together, all collectively building art to enhance a public park. This was a project that showcased what is possible when community members collaborate and work to enhance a townʼs environment. Twenty-five pairs of young hands guided by the expert help of local artists, acting in concert they built a collection of uniquely designed tiles. Today families enjoy the visual rhythms and artwork of this installation in popular Taylor Park in Duvall, Washington. Photos by Ron Bailey.

Nike Design Project for Native American Youth

Every student in the SAI Mentorship program has a vision of how they can change the world. This was Sam Matsonʼs vision. Sam worked with Nikeʼs senior ʻAir Jordanʼ designer, Jason Mayden, to build a project that gave Native American youth the opportunity to engage with professional designers and create their own shoe designs using their cultural narrative. This slide show demonstrates what a motivated seventeen-year-old and a generous group of high-level designers can do to educate youth and affect positive change in their lives.

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