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An End-of-the-Year Update

posted by admin at 4:54 pm on May 22, 2013

Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to take this moment to extend my appreciation for your support and commitment to this program. I know that the majority of you have traveled from distant cities to be here on a regular basis. Thank you for signing up and making that trip every week.

As I sit here gazing at the collection of student work, I am reviewing all the moments of problem solving, new discoveries and brave endeavors that have occurred in the studio this past year. It is my greatest hope that each student through the process of creating art and design, gained the confidence and skills to innovate and build their original ideas. Looking at all the work created I feel confident that each student has had success and fulfilled the main goal at SAI: to create, express and in- vent original ideas.

This year we have had some great highlights from our Alums and our graduating Seniors. Starting with our seniors Alana Roecker and Karina Cohrs, I have to say congratulations! They both did an outstanding job of applying to some very high level programs that were competitive and accepted only the most exceptional of students. Karina was accepted into Carnegie Mellon’s Theater Design Program where she garnered one of only twelve spots, I had no idea the program was that selective. Karina is a dedicated student who certainly has all the qualifications to earn that spot and we are so proud of her! Then there was Alana, who was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology and Cal Arts which were her two top choices. We are happy to send her off to FIT where she will join the other SAI alums, known as our beloved Fashionistas in NYC. Both ladies delivered an outstanding show and we had the great opportunity to purchase their fine work. If you missed the show, then stop by the studio as we have a few pieces on sale and all proceeds go to these ladies to fund their college supplies for next year.

Onto our alums, it’s nothing short of amazing what they are accomplishing as they graduate, intern and start their careers.

Doris Lu – Designer for Ralph Lauren Denim Supply, tops and accessories.
Tracy Ju– Designing and working in NYC
Spencer Epps – sound and light designer for a animation film produced by a major film company in Japan.
Emma Redman – Paid internship at SAI, Media & Content Developer and freelance writer.

David Giordano – Studying at Otis, interned and already getting job offers in digital media.

Anna Ohyama – Graduated FIT this spring and selected to study abroad at Central Saint Martins Lon- don.
Brianna OBrien – Interning with Ralph Lauren, selected for study abroad in Florence Italy, Fashion illustration selected to be shown in the FIT display and archives.
Cindy Wang – Finishing first year at The Fashion Institute of Technology.
Shirley Lin – Finishing first year in honors program at The Fashion Institute of Technology.
Sam Matson – Graduated this Spring from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Collaborated on a special project with Samsung. Working in Chicago.
Ian Brudnicki – Graduated from Berklee College of Music, working in NYC as a jazz musician. Benjamin Brudnicki – Interning with the US Marshals this summer, graduating this fall from Embrey Riddle Aeronautical University.
Mago Huang – studying illustration at California college of the Arts, was selected to illustrate a short story in Writers of the Future.
Joann Sun – completed her first year at Otis and is thriving and loving her college experience.
Ruth – Currently studying fine art at the Cooper Union in NYC.
Caleb McGinnis – Applied to USC Film School for one of two available spots, we will know in June if he gets accepted.
Lisa Soranaka – Graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Washington State University!

There you have it an inspiring example of students who dared to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals and opportunities. Next year we have great challenges and high ambitions, as a teacher and mentor it will be an honor to help you in the process. I look forward to another year of learning, discovery and innovation.

Be creative,

Dianne Brudnicki

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