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Congratulations Alana Roecker!

posted by admin at 5:31 pm on February 25, 2013


Congratulations Alana Roecker on your acceptance into the notable Cal Arts college of art and design! It took more then four years of developing skills, long hours of art and design classes, costume internships and jobs. You have certainly earned the honor! In the past year you have demonstrated how taking risk in your art making has rewarded you with discoveries that are unique and authentic in reflecting you artistic mind.

I have watched you over the years and I am always amazed at your bright attitude and innovative mind. You are never hindered by a lack of materials or funds; always managing to execute and build your ideas, sometimes relying on recycled items as you redefine their use, other times researching and discovering economical alternatives. Your creative solutions are always authentic and original to your artistic point of view. You naturally build ideas on a concept and have a very strong intellect behind your artwork. This ability to attribute meaning and depth to your work is probably the result of your curious mind and industrious nature. You are a keen observer and a quick learner.

However, the greatest attribute that you have to offer is something far beyond skill or knowledge: it is your deep concern for people and community. I have enjoyed and been inspired by your commitment to helping others in need. You have participated in the 9/11 Art Project for the past six  years, and every year  you have created wonderful pieces to honor those who were lost. This past year you had the opportunity to visit the 9/11 Family Forum and meet the family member who received your gift of art. You were poised, warm and welcoming as you gently hugged the suffering mother who deeply thanked you for your thoughtful gift. As I observed the exchange, I truly realized what a remarkable person you are and how capable you are to do great things with your industrious, innovative and enterprising mind.


Alana, we will be following your career as an alum and I look forward to seeing what the future holds as you invent it!


Dianne Brudnicki


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  1. Alana Roecker 10:33 pm on February 25, 2013

    Thank you so much! I never would have been able to accomplish so much without all the support you and SAI. Here’s to the future.

  2. Karina 2:31 am on May 29, 2013

    A wonderfully precise tribute to Alana’s accomplishments and ingenuity, Dianna!

    Cheers to you Alana–my partner in mischief and adventures…and their resulting discoveries!!!
    Keep reaching for the stars and dreaming up ideas as ginormous and mysterious as galaxies,

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