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Congratulations to Karina Cohrs!

posted by admin at 4:10 pm on May 20, 2013

We’d like to wish a giant congratulations to Karina Cohrs, one of our lovely seniors this year, for her incredible achievement and acceptance into Carnegie Mellon’s Theater Design program! Out of all the many applicants and with only twelve spots available, her hard work and impressive talent earned her acceptance into the program with an impressive scholarship to boot! We are so, so proud and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for her!

Four years ago, Karina approached Dianne about the serious study of fashion design. She recommended that Karina enroll into the fashion design program at our school. From the beginning we quickly recognized that her ability to understand 3D design and garment engineering was highly advanced. With her brilliant aptitude in design and construction, she quickly surpassed all the other students. Once she gained sewing, pattern making and draping skills she began to invent and create a variety of items which were all masterfully crafted.

Two years ago, Karina decided to embark on a film project working with a film maker as a mentor. Many hours of creating, logistics and collaboration went into the project and this year Dianne had the honor of attending the premier at a local theater. Karina’s film is currently entered in a few film festivals.

Karina has always been a challenging student. She is exuberant and excited to work on projects, sometimes moving at such a fast pace, we have to reel her back to make sure that her skills could keep up with her ideas. As a teacher Dianne had to be bold and allow her to take the class to new places in design. Ideas that called for expression and social responsibility. Projects that would benefit others and speak about issues that were important to her.

It is the care for humanity and people that we find to be the most remarkable quality Karina has to offer. If you ever meet Karina, you will be struck by her open, kind and spirited nature. One would never suspect that this young lady spent all of her high school years caring for three aging grandparents while working on academic excellence and managing large scale art and design projects. On a special trip to NYC, where we were helping families affected by September 11th, Karina demonstrated her compassion and altruism. Through her gifts of art and her willingness to reach out to strangers and offer hope, we could clearly see that Karina had a natural ability to connect with those who were suffering.

Karina shows great potential and promise for the field of art and design, and it is an honor to have her as one of our alumni!


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  1. Karina 2:48 am on May 29, 2013

    Your words are too kind; but all my thanks to you, Dianna, and all the wonderful friends I’ve made through SAI….No thing bonds stronger relationships than being around those who understand a need to create and who give you their supportive guidance in your endeavors.
    When I go out on this next journey, it will be bittersweet since it means I no longer have my weekly classes to connect with my SAI family who I hold so dear.
    To you SAI-ers still on the pre-college road, the hard work is so worth it!
    Love and admiration, Karina

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