The SAI Studio is an incubator that nurtures creative souls.Levian B.


Having honed their talents and skills with Dianne’s innovative teaching techniques, the SAI alumni are spreading their wings, ready to soar into the world! Whether college-bound or diving straight into their careers, each pursue unique futures across various industries. Whether through painting, architecture, sculpture, fashion, or otherwise, the School of Art and Innovation alumni will certainly bring a sparkly new perspective to society.

Anna Ohyama 
Brielle Eshenour   
Ethan Lee 
Joann Sun 
Kerby Kanaly 
Stephanie K. Johnson
Josiah Popp
Audrey Eidt
Alana Katt                                       Renaise Kim




Keaton Hanna                              Amy Larsen





Jessica Vergel                               Alva Wei





Shauna Fahley                             Brianna O’Brien





 Ian Brudnicki                              Allan Lee