Anna Ohyama

“We are mirrors whose brightness is wholly derived from the sun that shines upon us.” -C.S. Lewis








When I started in the studio with Dianne, I had just begun an interest in fashion, with no prior knowledge of how design works or how to sew. I spent four years during high school with Dianne, and she taught me all the foundational skills that would later become a foothold for my first semesters in college at my dream school (Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC). In addition to teaching me invaluable design skills, Dianne mentored and nurtured my creativity with a compass that I would use to navigate my next few years in New York City. At FIT, I learned to rein in my creative stream of consciousness with the strict technical skills my professors instructed us in sewing, draping and patternmaking. But I think it was partly my strength in creative research and sketchbook development, that I was given an opportunity with five others, to head to London to study abroad at Central Saint Martins for a semester in my third year. There, I learned of more personal research work that comes prior to design, which in turn did not produce more wearable garments, but clothing with a strong idea attached to it. Combining my past schooling at FIT where they taught with a business mind to clothing design, and the individualistic nature of design at CSM, I began to create for myself clothing that can be worn on a day out with friends, with a special edge and detail that makes each piece personal and individual. Since school, I’ve interned and worked in trend forecasting and design in New York, and continued working in Seattle in different variations of styling. With each experience, I’ve learned that my career doesn’t have to have a hard edge on what jobs I have to work in. Knowing I enjoy fashion and art, there is a wide degree of exploration even as jobs change with the culture, and being open to trying something different I didn’t expect, has proved satisfying and exciting to me.

2011-2014 Fashion Institute of Technology

– Fashion Design

Fall 2013 — Study Abroad, Central Saint Martins

– Womenswear

2011 School of Art and Innovation


Fashion Specialist at Amazon

Creative Asset Administrator at Nordstrom

Intern at Edelkoort Inc

Freelance Trend Forecaster at Inside Fashion Mag

Design Intern at Calvin Klein Performance