Brielle Eshenour

“You can’t climb to the top of a mountain if all of its sides are smooth. The rocks, bumps, obstacles, and winding trails are all necessary challenges that shape and grow us. With them, we develop the strength to reach and even surpass our greatest goals.” – Brielle Eshenour


Credits scroll up the blackened screen displaying names of talented individuals and their roles. Movie goers grab their coats, bags, and empty popcorn buckets, making their way to the exit without a glance back towards the screen. But my eyes gaze up, lit with the glow of an inspiring record, marveling at the work this film must have taken. Individually these artists each have their own aesthetic, their own views. Collectively they move in unison to build a voice powerful enough to impact lives, evoke conversations, and inspire new thoughts. My mind actively creates, anxious to tell a story, eyes curious to the world around. I desire to bring art to life and find a certain thrill when mixing and exploring new mediums. My mission is to transport my audience to extraordinary universes, actively constructing stories around my costumes, paintings, and words woven to paper.

Challenges are the fuel to my flame, and I run at them full speed, pouncing at any chance to improve and climb the latter to the next level. Throughout my life I’ve been a perfectionist. Always striving to do my best with art, performances, writing, you name it. So when a little voice in my head whispered that something was lacking, I became determined to fix what I saw as imperfect. I was unaware that my journey along this trail sacrificed so much; I lost strength, confidence, inspiration, and connection with the world. I had become frail and empty, too blinded by my own disordered vision to pursue the path of life. I had created a never-ending quest to become perfect.

Enter, Dianne.

I had consumed myself in the maze of my mind, the only artistic outlet that reached me in my darkest place was costuming. I entered the School of Art and Innovation with a very narrow, disconnected view; trudging along to produce garments with the steady rhythm of the sewing machine. But Dianne was able to reach me in my darkest place; there was suddenly a glimmer of light. She gently opened my mind by sparking that flame of curiosity with a simple question — “Why?” Under Dianne’s mentorship, I spent my time at SAI challenging that question with everything I touched. She emphasized the importance of being MESSY, making mistakes, and finding beauty, inspiration and innovation within them. I had to challenge myself to “fail”, and with every fall I had to get up, brush the grime from my knees, and OWN it. But every fall I stood from spoke to a new voice I hadn’t heard in a long time – hope. Together, Dianne and I discovered who Brielle was at her core, and fabricated an impactful, diverse portfolio in the open-minded, encouraging, innovative, and inspiring atmosphere that is SAI. Through the act of intentional “messiness”, I unlocked new skills and passions, I discovered new mediums in which I could create and directions my art could lead me in. My practice became eclectic, well rounded, and full of energy that was uniquely my own.

Today I view the world with fresh eyes, new appreciations for life, and a pure curiosity for what the vast world holds. Strength doesn’t always mean moving a boulder; sometimes it’s putting one foot in front of the other and telling yourself, “I can do this.” Having emerged from these years of darkness, I’m inspired each day to use my skills and passions to impact others in positive and meaningful ways.
Every day unlocks a new door. So, as I gaze upon the credits of my favorite movies, I continue creating in order to collaborate with the many innovative minds that come together to create a grand final product, bringing my passions and art to connect with others within the industry, and sharing a goal to inspire the world through our creations, knowing that I am perfectly imperfect.


2019 Otis College of Art and Design Graduate

-Costume and Fashion Design Major
-Graduated with Honors and Academic Excellence

2014 School of Art and Innovation Graduate


Otis Fashion Design Academic Excellence Award

FSF YMA 2019 Scholarship Award winner

Otis Presidential Scholarship

Vera Campbell Foundation Scholarship

Top 4 National Finalist – TV Academy Costume Portfolio Competition 2018

Top 6 Finalist – Under Armour Future Design Show 2018

1st Place – Aki Con 2014 Costume and Improv Skit Competition

School of Art and Innovation Tuition Scholarship


2018: Summer internship at School of Art and Innovation, Duvall, WA

2017 – 2019: Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA, Fashion Department Assistant utilizing CAD

2017: Costume/Wardrobe assistant under Shawna Tripc for the film “The Gleaner”, Los Angeles, CA

2016 – Current: Freelance Graphic Designer: Designing custom graphics for designer’s T-shirt line.

2016 – 2017: Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA, Campus Activities Board, Fitness Activities Chair

2015: Independent Art Show, Maple Valley, WA, Sold Original Art and Prints from Personal Collection

2015: School of Art and Innovation, Duvall, WA, Assistant Fashion Instructor training design students

2012 – Current: Custom Clothing and Costume Commissions, Constructing custom apparel, wigs, and props for clients.