Ethan Lee



“You do you and don’t let anyone stop you from being yourself, even yourself.” – Ethan Lee





Since the beginning, I was an academic only student. I knew nothing but how to study for math and history tests, write an average essay to get by in English, and how to copy off of all my smart friends in physics to barely get by. Every week I was dodging bullets and missing by the skin of my teeth and I had no motivation to get any further than that. After starting my mentorship at School of Art and Innovation, I started exploring different things and changing my mind set and thought process to think like an artist. As I was experiencing and struggling over creating art through various mediums, I came across sculpting. The art of problem solving in 3D came very naturally to me and I began to thirst for more. This thirst was something I had never experienced in my entire life and I realized that this is what true passion is. I soon found my interest in creating quirky characters that reflect modern society and bringing them to life through a sewing machine. Though there are some tough problems I had to overcome while creating what I had in vision, it wasn’t like solving a proof in geometry. It was fun and everything I did was something I enjoyed doing. Finding my passion led me to my greatest and most proud portfolio pieces that made my shine as an individual.
Everyone has their own unique passion and strengths and it’s up to them to figure out what it is and turn it into something they are proud to show the world.

2022 Otis College of Art and Design Graduate

Toy Design Major

2018 School of Art and Innovation Graduate



2018-2022 $16,000 Otis Scholarship