Joann Sun

“The silly doodles that you scribble on a piece of scrap paper can become your biggest strength. Embrace your unique-ness, and keep doodling!” — Joann Sun





When I first started taking classes at SAI, I was a Junior in High School. Prior to SAI, I had taken a lot of classes with various art teachers and institutions but I always felt like my creativity was stifled. These people and places would teach me techniques and art drills (which was still very useful to learn), but being inspired and thinking outside the box was not part of the curriculum. I knew all my life that I wanted to pursue the arts but something was missing and I felt lost. In my mind, I simply had to produce quality work to get me into a “top” well-known art school, and from there I would find my focus.

As a disgruntled teenager with lack of direction, things changed when I met Dianne my Junior Year. Think X-Men as an example — Dianne became my very own Professor Xavier, and she helped me focus my interests and skills into something bigger than I could ever imagine for myself. She taught me to think deeply and trained me to always ask myself the question, why? Why did I want to draw it like that, why did I choose that color, why did I go with that medium, why did I want to go to that particular school, etc… It was from that, I learned to be curious and found my own unique identity as an artist. Dianne nurtured and supported my interests — that my silly doodles could actually become my strength, and she challenged me every time I stepped foot into the studio. I also benefited greatly from the vast amount of materials she provided in the studio, I was basically free to use whatever I wanted in my work, and it was eye-opening to know that I wasn’t just limited to pencil and paper. More importantly, I learned another side of art — that it could be used to help people and it could be appreciated by others, not just for my own enjoyment.

I came out of SAI wanting to pursue art therapy, but the next four years of college led me in a very different direction. I ended up studying Digital Media Motion Graphics, which is basically Graphic Design used in tv commercials and media. I never would have known I would be in this industry (I didn’t even know it existed prior college!) but it has become my passion and I love being able to make it my profession. Now I’ve worked on a handful of commercials and tv shows, dabbled in UI design and branding, and currently I’m working on video games! It is such an adventure and I always look forward to what’s next. I look back often of how far I’ve come, and much of it is credited to Professor Xavier/Dianne who helped me discover myself and taught me that dreams are really achievable, I simply just need to be open-minded and take the first step.

2016 Otis College of Art and Design Graduate

Digital Media Motion Graphics Major

2012 School of Art and Innovation Graduate

2012-2016 Otis Institutional Scholarship

2012 California College of the Arts – Creative Achievement Award

2012 Puget Sound Educational Service District – High School Art Show Regional Winner


UI Artist | Turn 10 Studios, Microsoft (Jan 2017- June 2018)

Freelance Designer | We Are Royale (June- Oct 2016, Jan 2017)

Freelance Designer | Strange and Wonderful (Nov 2016)

Graphic Designer | Office of Student Activities, Otis College of Art and Design (Jan 2014 – May 2016)

Freelance Designer | Brand New School (May – July 2015)

Freelance Designer | RUN Studios (May – Aug 2014, Dec 2014)