Kerby Kanaly

“As an artist, I have found that there is value in only competing with yourself and not others. Always learn from others, don’t compare your work to theirs; don’t change the way you perceive and form art for the sake of performing better than another.”





Everyone has been asked, “Why did you choose the major you did?” As a college student, I find myself getting asked this question a lot; it seems to come up quite often, that being because I have chosen a career in design. I have found that I have memorized a story to answer that exact question.
I have learned to embrace change is to live by the law of no expectations, no disappointment. As someone who likes to abide by a schedule, follow the rules and not take risks, this has been a lesson that I have had to learn. The act of embracing the unexpected started when I was trying to make the decision of what profession I wanted to go in to. My story as how to answer the question, “Why did you choose the major you did,” goes as follows.
I had always thought I was destined to be in the fashion industry, designing and constructing garments. Like many, I had always loved styling my own outfits and drawing designs in my free time. Around sophomore year, I had the opportunity to get firsthand experience into the kind of work I would be doing while pursuing an education and a career in fashion design. The School of Art and Innovation, under the direction of Dianne Brudnicki, provided courses for learning how to properly construct and draw a variety of garments. I was optimistic at the beginning, I enjoyed the act of drawing the clothing, putting down on paper what I had imagined in my head, it was the sewing and constructing part of fashion that I couldn’t quite grasp. It wasn’t an activity I wanted to willingly do, I would come to class everyday heavy hearted knowing I would have to sew that evening. As this feeling didn’t let up, I knew I had to make a change; sewing is imperative to the fashion industry. The idea that I needed to change my plans came about in my junior year of high school, it was a stressful time, as students were starting to work on college applications and I didn’t know what career path I wanted to go into.
Forming art with my hands. Watching what I had imagined in my head become reality. The art I create affecting the lives of others for the good. All were factors that I knew I liked about designing fashion and I knew could go hand-in-hand with other design majors. After experimenting with a variety of mediums of art, I found that I enjoyed designing spaces. Creating interior areas where a variety of people would have unique experiences of their own. Interior design is something I am truly passionate about, there is an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to designing spaces for people. After completing two of my four years at the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Interior Design, I find myself so grateful that I found a career I am constantly excited and challenged by. This “memorized” story is one I am always happy to share, it’s an example that change is unexpected, but rewarding at times.

2020 Fashion Institute of Technology
– Major: Interior Design
– Minor: Art History

2016 School of Art and Innovation


Education Legacy Fund Scholarship (ELF Award) – Freshman Year at FIT (2017)