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2023 Registration is now open! You can read more about our Programs on this page and then go to the ‘Apply’ page if you would like to register. All instructions are listed there on how to take next steps.

At the School of Art and Innovation, we are dedicated to an uncompromising standard of development for each individual student. We have a variety of programs through which we strive to accomplish that.

Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to talking with you soon.

Our Programs


Our Art & Design program nurtures the creative and innovative process using professional materials in an inspiring studio environment. Concept development is an essential component of art education at our school and students are encouraged toward independent thinking and creative problem-solving. They are challenged to come up with their own artistic interpretation and expression as it relates to an event or idea all the while developing mastery of their artistic skills. If a student aspires to apply to an art or design school, we offer Portfolio Development to get them ready for that process.

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Our Identity Foundations, College Prep and College Accelerated Program (CAP) are comprehensive programs to help students clarify their goals for the future and to create a plan for getting there. This program is not limited to Art students but is tailored to each person’s area of interest. We go through a thorough process of research and analysis to help students understand themselves and what area of study or potential career might be right for them. We discuss Community Service or Special Projects which increase scholarship opportunities and acceptance into higher level schools. Students work closely with Dianne to create their action plan during their early high school years. In their Junior year, there is active work on creating a strong sense of self and goals, doing college research, and learning application requirements. In the Senior year, the process is intense as applications and essays are due. However, every year we see huge rewards for all of the time, energy and money that everyone has invested in the process.

There are thousands of jobs and careers. In today’s world, it is critical to find the right fit. College is a very big investment and it is wise to approach it with great consideration, thought and planning. If this process of choosing a college and career path feels overwhelming and confusing, then this program is for you. If you want to get into top schools and qualify for scholarships or you simply want to figure out what to do with your future, then this program is for you. These programs are where connections are made, goals are defined, and futures are set in motion.

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Dianne is available for Private Consultations with students and/or parents at an hourly rate. This is usually done in the Studio but can be done by video-conferencing if needed.

Dianne also offers Identity Mapping for 9th grade through Adult. This is a 2-hour private Identity Mapping session with Dianne to identify specific characteristics, patterns and passions of an individual ranging from birth to their current age. This gives guidance in choosing activities and endeavors that fit a long-range vision for your life. At the end of the session, Dianne gives a recap of the discoveries made and follows up with a written report summarizing the findings a couple of weeks after the session.

PLEASE NOTE: Identity Mapping is included as part of the Foundations program

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