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Mission statement

The School of Art and Innovation inspires each to student to take the first step to finding their authentic selves.


Through a rigorous creative process students can find their passion and begin to understand how their skills will challenge and change the world around them. In the studio environment, students have the freedom to explore and create new and diverse ideas. Students are encouraged to develop their ideas for projects by engaging in writing, experimentation, drawing, and exploring new mediums. Students will refine their ideas through thoughtful analysis, research and discussions on culture, literature and life experience in a safe environment that fosters the creative spirit. With this new found self-awareness students can work to find their passions and place in this world.

Identity Foundation, College Prep and College Accelerated Program (CAP)

The Foundations, College Prep and CAP programs are designed to help students build an identity that will aid in the college application process. Students that complete Foundations and College Prep stand out from other applicants because of their unique identity and purpose. In completing the three programs students will have created a strong vision statement, outstanding portfolio and the skills they need to navigate college applications.

Identity Foundations (9th-10th)

Overview: 4 Online Workshops, Identity Mapping, Parent/Student Consultation

Student age: 9th, 10th (or even 11th grade)

Prerequisites: None


Workshop #1 “Identity Foundations”

Workshop #2 “Vision & Goals”

Workshop #3 “Extra-Curricular + Strategic Plan

One-on-one Identity Mapping sessions

Parent/Student Group Workshop “Scholarship & College Financial Strategies”

Final parent/student Private Consultation

Cost: $30 non-refundable registration fee due with application

$1000 Tuition (includes supplies) Due two weeks before first session

9th grade is the optimal year to enroll in Identity Foundations. By the end of the program, students have gained a stronger sense of identity which will help guide them as they choose their 10th grade classes. 10th grade can also be an appropriate time to enroll. 11th grade is appropriate if the student plans to defer college enrollment and take a gap year after high school graduation or if the student simply wants to get direction for future options without plans to seek a four year degree.

Topics covered include

  • Identity research and Identity Mapping
  • Create a vision statement with short and long-term goals
  • Discussion to develop a community service or special project
  • Introduction to FAFSA, scholarship strategies and financial planning for college
  • Career Research based on individual strengths and motivators

Foundations Follow Up

Once the program is completed, if additional feedback or help regarding college or career choices is needed students can schedule a private consultation with Dianne. Consultation rates are $120 for the first hour and then billed in 15-minute increments thereafter. Meetings can be in person, by phone or video call. Meetings can be with the student, parent(s), or together.

2023-2024 College Prep Online Program

Overview: Three 2-day Workshops, Saturdays 12:00-5:00pm + Sundays 2:00-6:00pm

Student age: 11th or 12th grade (transitional students)

Prerequisites: Identity Mapping (if you have not had one, you must schedule one at least 3 weeks prior to first Intensive)


Workshop #1 – October 14-15, 2023 “Vision & Branding + National College Fair Prep”

Workshop #2 – November 11-12, 2023 “College Research & Networking + National College Fair Debrief”

Workshop #3 – March 30-31, 2024 “Common App & Essays”

Cost: $30 non-refundable registration fee due with application

$800 Tuition (includes supplies) Due September 23, 2023

Attendance is mandatory for all days of the intensives

10th and 11th grades are appropriate to participate in CP1. It would also be appropriate for students in their 12th grade year if they plan to take a gap year after high school graduation.

 Workshop #1 – Vision & Branding + National College Fair Prep

  • Development of a vision statement and learning to build an authentic profile
  • Delve into the how-to’s of college research
  • Develop a college action plan with accountability framework
  • Evaluate extra-curricular activities and community service or special projects
  • Prepare for National College Fair (Oct.30-31, 2020)
  • Research 2 colleges and prepare questions for NCF and Info Sessions

Workshop #2 – College Research & Networking + National College Fair Debrief

  • Review National College Fair experience
  • Dive deeper into college research and strategies for college networking
  • Learn how to evaluate and determine potential college(s) that best fit the individual and their goals
  • Develop plans for college visits | Discuss how to research internships and how to prepare for them

Workshop #3 – Common App & Essays

  • Introduction to the Common Application (Common App) | Essay development for the Common App
  • Discuss Supplemental Essays & Short Answer Questions
  • Go over essay prompts and start first draft of answers. We will get started on some essays and answers during the Intensive, but students will need to complete those on their own in the following weeks and months*.

NOTE: *Also included in this Intensive is a 30 minute follow up with Dianne by phone after the student has completed their first draft of the Common App essay. Beyond that, Dianne is available for private consultation for essay editing or advice at her hourly rate of $120/hour. Email for scheduling information.

Enrollment in CP1 also includes complimentary access to:

‘Scholarship & College Financial Strategies’ Workshop on Mar.17, 2022 for students and parents

2023 College Accelerated Program (CAP)

Overview: Four Workshops plus Budget Meeting

Student age: 12th grade or after HS graduation if taking a gap year (Collegebound Fall 2023)

Prerequisites: College Prep


Workshop #1 May 20-21, 2023

Workshop #2 June 23-25, 2023

Workshop #3  July 11-13, 2023

Workshop #4 September 23-24, 2023

Cost: $30 non-refundable registration fee due with application

$2500 Tuition (includes supplies) due August 2, 2022

Attendance is mandatory for all days of the intensives

For most, 12th grade is the year to participate in the CP-2 program. It is also appropriate for those who just completed their 12th grade year and plan to take a gap year.

Workshop #1: Retreat Session 1

  • Fine-tune Vision Statement | Fine-tune resume development and personal branding; Set up LinkedIn account
  • Complete extracurricular list and descriptions
  • Begin ideating concepts for personal statement
  • Begin drafts for supplemental essays

Workshop #2: Retreat Session 2

  • Begin Essay drafts for Common App and develop drafts for supplemental essay
  • Fine tune strategic plan for the year with a system of tracking college research, including deadlines and checklists
  • Comprehensive college search
  • Prep for Special Info Sessions
  • Strategize reaching out to college counselors
  • Learn how to highlight your authentic self and create unique profile

Workshop #3: National College Fair Prep

  • Finish all essays
  • College research
  • Prep for National College Fair and information sessions
  • Prep for Special Info Sessions in the area from colleges of interest
  • Strategize reaching out to college counselors
  • Learn how to highlight your authentic qualities that colleges are looking for

Workshop #4: National College Fair Debrief + Strategizing & Networking

  • Start sending in completed applications
  • Confirm college choices and finish additional research
  • Strategize focused networking to continue communication with colleges of interest
  • action plan for follow-up on applications

Enrollment in CAP also includes Complimentary access to the following:

College Essay Workshop

‘Scholarship & College Financial Strategies’ Workshop  for students and parents

Other Services

Identity Mapping – 9th grade through Adult. 2-3 hour private Identity Mapping session with Dianne to identify characteristics, patterns and passions of an individual. This gives guidance creating a long-range vision. This service is included as part of the Identity Foundations program or for $375 one can benefit from it as a stand-alone service.

Private Consultation $120/hour. One hour minimum and then billed in 15-minute increments after that. This can be

Essay Editing/Consultation performed in person in the Studio or by phone or video call. For scheduling information, please email us at