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Summer Updates from SAI

posted by admin at 3:34 pm on July 1, 2013

Hello, All!

We hope you’re summer is off to a great start and that you’ve been able to stay cool despite all of this unusually hot weather that we’ve been having! Dianne has just returned from her end-of-the-year trip to Hawaii, relaxed and reenergized to begin planning for next year’s classes.

If you had a chance to stop by the Woodinville Library in the last weeks, you probably saw our wonderful little showcase in the front entry! If you didn’t get a the opportunity to see that display, then pop in to Duvall City Hall sometime this month to see Karina Cohrs’ collection of art, now hanging in the main office!

Last but not least, we’d like to give a big congratulations to the SAI students who excelled in their categories for the Valley Art Show, with a special shout out to Angela Grant, who won the elite Judges Choice award. This esteemed ribbon means that Angela’s work, entitled “Border Collie Landscape”, will appear on next year’s Valley Art Show Poster! Congratulations Angela, you rock!

Congratulations to the following SAI students who’s exceptional work earned them top scores:

Lauren Cosby…”The Naked Feet”…2nd Place – High School Category, Drawing

Eve Hunter…”Happy Flower”…1st Place – Intermediate Category, Painting

Saraphina Wang…”March of the Penguins”…1st Place – Junior High Category, Painting

Mari Fester…”Deep Sea”…3rd Place – High School Category, Painting

Angela Grant…”Friends”…3rd Place – Intermediate Category, 3D Sculpture

Morgan Cosby…”Fish Cup”…1st Place – High School Category, 3D Sculpture

Morgan Cosby…”Fishtank”…2nd Place – High School Category, Mixed Media

Alana Roecker…”The Adventurer”…3rd Place – High School Category, Mixed Media

Lauren Cosby…”Brothers”…1st Place – High School Category, Printmaking

Alana Roecker…”Growth”…2nd Place – High School Category, Printmaking


Wonderful job, everyone!

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