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Welcome back! (and the inside scoop on what to do to come to class prepared!)

posted by admin at 11:26 am on August 27, 2013

IMG_2998Welcome Students!

As I write this email I am on vacation enjoying a week of artistic expression. Soon all of us will be leaving our relaxed summer vacation and starting the new school year.

So here is the scoop on what to expect and how to prepare for your classes at the School of Art and Innovation.

Classes for independent studio, Mentorship and Fashion Design start the week of September 22nd.

Art Connection 2 class starts September 30th. show up with a sketchbook and an open mind for adventure!

Independent studio before you show up to class please answer these questions and send them to me via email:
1. What type of music do you enjoy when doing art or project building?
Classical, rock, pop, hip hop,dance,  spiritual worship, indie, alternative, folk, blues, jazz or other?
2. What are your favorite music bands or performers?
3. What art media are you interested in ? Clay, acrylic paints, watercolor, mix media, oil paints, drawing materials such as inks, pastels, charcoals, markers, colored pencil, collage, fiber art, other?
For the first day of class bring 2-3 photos ( printed out, not on your phone) that were taken in the last year that are meaningful to you, or tell a story about who you are.
Bring your sketchbook to class. And photos.

Fashion design 1
I will have a prepared project for you and all you will need is your sewing machine. Make sure to bring your sewing machine manual, if you don’t have it, then go online and print out a copy from the manufacturer. Also if your machine has not been serviced in a awhile, you might want to get it serviced for cleaning and timing calibration.

Fashion Design 2
Bring in a new pattern for sewing, this can be an advanced dress such as prom dress, lined jacket or skirt or pants.
Bring your fashion three ring binder.
You do not need to have your fabrics this week. I will look over your pattern and suggest some good options. You may get swatches of fabrics and bring them to class.
Pacific fabrics downtown in the sodo district of Seattle has a good selection.

Fashion design 3, bring sketchbook and 10 ideas of a possible design that you want to build. Your 10 sketches should be in the sketch book and can be rough thumbnail sketches.

Bring your 3 ring binder and a lot of spunk, we have important work to do! So be rested and ready to board the epic ride to your future. Sounds scary, I know, but I assure you…. We are all in this together. So prepare to discover and learn on this fascinating journey!

As you can see I am excited to start the new year! This week I will be in deep contemplation looking to art for inspiration. Then on September 6th I embark to NYC for the annual 9/11 Tribute Flag Project. Where I will be inspired by the stories and connections to the families of 9/11. When I see you all in class this fall I will be on fire!

Be creative,
Dianne Brudnicki

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